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Yom Teruah Testimonial
Lloyd, I wanted to share this testimony that a gentleman from our church posted on our Facebook page this past week:
Sunday September 16th what a glorious day of worship at church. We celebrated the beginning of the new year based upon the Biblical Calendar which begins in September. We started off with the sounding of the shofar. The teaching was great but the praise and worship was absolutely fantastic!! praise and worship before the word was given and praise and worship after. Before we dismissed the younger children for children's church Pastor Scott called them all up front to bless the kids before dismissing them to class as he always does but he had Lloyd sound the shofar over the children. He explained that the sounding of the shofar represented the voice of God speaking. The children were dismissed and sent to class. It was at the end of service when we broke back out into praise and worship that we were told to bring the children back into the sanctuary to participate. Praise and worship was so intense !!!!! Everyone waving flags and Banners which represented the defeat of the enemy and the tearing down of walls and strongholds that the enemy thought he had victory over, but we showed him different! Our Gods is bigger and stronger than anything the devil throws at his people. It was amazing how the spirit of worship followed us from church to home. We just could not talk about the experience enough. It was at supper time when my oldest son said that he has not enjoyed praise and worship like that since he was little as his younger brother Brayden. I said what do you mean Katen? He said you know how we used to do that when I was little and I was even more amazed that he even remembered that because he was 4 years old at the time that we last attended the first church we had started out at and we used to do that same exact sort of praise and worship often. He even told me that he remembered that I used to dance on the spiritual dance team there. Now I know he remembered because Darlene and I have never even talked about that since leaving there after our Pastor passed away. The most amazing thing happened when I went in the room to tuck my middle son Colin into bed that night. I got him into bed and tucked him in and we said his prayers. After we were done he said daddy can I tell you something? I said now hurry up Colin because you have to go to bed. He said I just want to tell you really quick. I was trying to tell you and mom at supper but everyone kept talking. I told him I was sorry but everyone was just so excited about what happened at church today. He said that is what I want to tell you about so I said then please tell me. He said "dad remember when that man blew the horn and pastor said it was like the voice of God speaking?" I said to him yes I do and he replied " Daddy it was the voice of God and I know what he said." I said you do then tell me what he said He said to me "daddy God said that the chains are broken, the chains are broken!!" He said daddy I don't know what that means but that is what he said. Of course being skeptical but still trying to believe him I said that is wonderful Colin maybe God was trying to tell you something. It was then he said dad can I tell you one more thing. I said just one more thing it is getting past bed time. He said "you know what else daddy?" I said no what? He said "remember when we were all singing and I started dancing up front waving my flag?" I said I do and I was very proud to see you up there. He said " no dad that is not what I wanted to tell you about." I said what did you want to tell me? He said "when I was dancing I saw an Angel standing right beside Mrs. Michelle's Keyboard." I said you did he said yes and then there were Angels by everyone up there and there was even one it that little room with jacob while he was playing the drums." He said I just don't know how he fit in there but he was keeping beat with the drums." I said he was how do you know? He said "daddy he was going up and down, up and down while he was playing." I said wow can you tell me what the Angels looked like? He said "sure dad they were just bright lights and they were all over up there." I can tell you that I absolutely swallowed my skepticism. He was so serious in what he was telling me and as soon as he was through he said I just wanted to tell you and mom dad I am ready to go to sleep now. I was almost in tears when I left his room but I said God thank you for speaking to me through my children. I just thought that this story might touch some of you in the way that it touched me. Boy!! Our God is One AMAZING GOD!!!!!

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