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Shofar Ministries International is called to Sound the Shofar and to teach on the significance of the Shofar in our time!  In 2009, the Lord said that the Shofar has been given to those who are announcing the Coming of Messiah; that the Shofar is the Sound of God's Judgment; and that His children will not be harmed by the evil that is coming upon the earth.
Lloyd Conley is sounding the Shofar and speaking on its significance at conferences and worship events. He has produced a shofar CD entitled Shofar Now! which is now available. He is producing another CD entitled The Sound of the Shekinah Glory! which will be a comprehensive CD on the Shofar from Shofar Basics to the use of the Shofar in Biblical and in Modern Times. He is also writing a book entitled The Shofar, 120, and the Mighty Works of God! 
Watch this website and YouTube for the Shofar Soundbite and other teachings on the significance of the Shofar in our time!  
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Lloyd is available to sound the Shofar and to teach on its significance for your conference or congregation! Contact Lloyd at!
Watch the Events calendar for speaking engagements and the Products section for new releases! Blessings & Shalom!
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